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Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Life is precious. We make it more precious by providing better education. 

Education is not a one-time activity. It is lifelong and progressive. Life becomes stagnant if it is not provided with every day input. Today, there is so much of information available, but the information has to be converted into knowledge. True knowledge leads us to self-realization and the the realization of the very purpose of our life. Any knowledge that does not lead us to such a state of enlightenment will simply remain as information. All who attained self-realization and got entangled with the purpose of their life have contributed much to the humanity. In fact, today we rely on their contributions and play as beneficiaries. But the real purpose of life is not to remain as beneficiaries, but to proceed with the purpose of becoming contributors. The Almighty has given us the life to contribute something precious to this universe. Therefore, every student has to be motivated to ask himself/herself, 'What am I going to contribute to the world?' Stella Maris is one such a unique campus where the students realize themselves and their potentialities. I am sure that all our students will emerge as contributors to make the life precious and worth living.

Sr. Lizymol Joseph